Kitchen Deep Cleaning

These are some of the benefits from having Careclean 2000 carry out your Deep Kitchen Cleans:

We can schedule the clean to coincide to a time that will suit you.
The clean can be even scheduled for nights or weekends to fit with your operational down time.
All tasks will be completed safely and with the minimum of disruption.
You will not have to re-roster or sidetrack you own staff to carry out these tasks.
As part of our innovation package Careclean 2000 will have the latest specialised equipment and materials to complete your kitchen clean.
We constantly seek to use the most environmentally friendly products and equipment.
Our quotations will be competitive and fixed.  In this way you will able know the periodic and annual costs and therefore budget accordingly.
We will provide recommended scheduling for all cleaning tasks and our inspection service ensures that cleaning frequencies are optimised.
By having Careclean 2000 clean your kitchen we will guarantee your satisfaction. In fact we are confident that the results will stand up to the closest of inspection by the statutory bodies.
Careclean 2000 issue Hygiene Certificates on completion and inspection of the clean.

Your kitchen will be a safer and cleaner environment for your catering activities.


Kitchen Extraction & Duct Cleaning

From our experience even the most advanced filtration systems are not able to remove all grease and particulates and over a period of time a layer of grease and debris is deposited on all surfaces i.e. internal surfaces of canopies, extraction & ventilation fans and ductwork.

This contamination poses the following hazards:

A major fire risk and will reduces the efficiency of the extraction system.
An environmental hazard by providing the ideal breeding condition for bacteria and unpleasant odours.
We would therefore recommend that is essential that regular cleaning of your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems is programmed in as part of the operational routine.
Careclean can provide a routine inspection service and an appropriate risk assessment in order to minimize this risk.
Failure to maintain certified clean extraction systems is in breach of Environmental Health Regulations and in the event of fire could well invalidate your fire insurance policy.
We know our reputation has been gained on the ability to set ourselves the highest of standards of cleanliness which are required to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff and customers.


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