The Company Health and Safety Policy is to provide safe and healthy places of work and to encourage safe working practices amongst all employees.

1. The Company, either directly or through its clients, is responsible for providing the means to enable every employee to work safely in a healthy environment with suitable welfare facilities including – but not necessarily limited to – requirements laid down by law.

2. The Management Board considers that the Health and Safety of its employees are management responsibilities which rank equally with finance, marketing, personnel and commercial matters.

3. Our management is responsible for ensuring that, in the operation and maintenance of plant, equipment, and facilities, everything practicable is done to prevent injury and ill health.

4. It is the duty of all employees whilst at work to exercise personal responsibility and do everything possible to prevent injury to themselves and to others. Also to co-operate with Management or any other authorised person to enable them to comply with any duty or responsibility imposed on them, by or under relevant statutory provisions.



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